FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions...

Q1: I received a card in the mail, how soon can I use my card to start saving money?

A: Your card is available for use immediately.

Q2: Do I need to present my card each time I buy a prescription?

A: Yes, present your card every time you buy a prescription not covered by your insurance or Medicare Part D.

Q3: Can I go to any pharmacy?

A: No, you need to go to a participating pharmacy. Please visit the Pharmacy Locator to find a participating WellDyneRx pharmacy near you.

Q4: How do I enroll in the Mail Order Pharmacy?

A: Call Member Services at (800) 611-6193 to enroll in our convenient mail order program. We guarantee quality assurance using our 7-point test on every prescription before mailing. Standard shipping is FREE.

Q5: What types of health plans do you carry?

A: We carry three different types of health plans to better suit our member's needs. You can find more details on those plans at the Health Plans page.

Q6: Is this insurance?

A: This is NOT insurance. This is a discount benefits program. Pacific Health Benefits is part of a national network of healthcare providers. As an active member you will be able to visit any provider within the network. Once at your provider simply show you’re Discount Health Benefits Member ID Card and you will be entitled to our pre-negotiated rates on the type of service/procedure you require.

Q7: When are the discounts applied?

A: Discounts are given at the time of purchase. Pay the entire cost of the drug, once discount is applied. There is no need to submit receipts.

Q8: I have a friend who wants to enroll in Pacific Health Benefits, what should they do?

A: Have your friend call our Member Enrollment Department's toll free number (866) 481-2390.

Q9: How can I found out if my prescription will be covered in the Health Plan?

A: The Pharmacy Locator will provide pricing as well as locations for a pharmacy near you.

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